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1. Regeneration of shafts and measurements at the customer's place. 

We provide services for the regeneration of shafts of screw conveyors. We will execute new shafts or rebuild worn feathers on the existing core.

We also offer a shaft measurement service at the customer's premises. In a situation where the shaft is close to wear and tear, our designer will make an inventory of the shaft.

After taking the inventory, we will make a replacement for the shaft according to the measurements. This will allow us to maintain the continuity of your production.



2. Welding

Our company offers welding of all types of structures made of ordinary and acid-resistant steel. We work with individual clients and representatives of small and medium-sized enterprises.

We are not afraid of challenges, and we always provide services with attention to even the smallest details. Bearing in mind the above-average professionalism, we use the MIG / MAG and TIG welding methods.

Scope of services: welding of supporting structures, gates, fences, platforms, furniture and other steel and metal objects, as well as individual orders on the client's documentation.












3. Sandblasting, galvanizing and powder coating.

To meet the high expectations of our clients in cooperation, we offer corrosion protection services, including:

- shot blasting / sand blasting,

- galvanizing,

- powder painting,

If you need a high-quality, durable finish, a powder coating may be the solution. Powder coating is a dry painting process that is becoming more and more popular for its efficiency, durability and minimal environmental impact.























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