Screw shafts

HELIX SYSTEM manufactures screw shafts according to a specific customer's order, depending on the transported material and shaft size.

We make screw shafts from the following materials:


  • S235JR, S355JR,
  • 1.4301, 1.4571, 1.4539, 1.4404, 1.4462, 1.4541, 1.4841, 1.4828,
  • Hardox 400.


When placing an enquiry, please send us a technical drawing of the screw together with blades and pivots. It is required to specify the diameter and length of the shaft, the diameter of the screw blades, number of coils, stroke and thickness of the screw blade according to the following markings:


  • L całk. - shaft length (with pivots)
  • L - pipe length
  • a, b - pivot dimensions
  • d – shaft diameter and wall thickness
  • D – diameter of screw blades
  • p – pitch
  • s – thickness of screw blades
  • number of blades and their direction



Screw shafts - screw conveyor core for bulk material transport

We offer a wide range of complete screw shafts, which are an internal part of the screw conveyors. We design and manufacture them in several processes according to the latest technology and exclusively from the highest quality materials. Depending on the needs, the screw shafts are made of the core, i.e. the shaft, screw blades and pivots. They are particularly suitable for many loose materials such as cement, mud, coal, grain, pellets, eco-pea coal and sand.

Why our screw shafts are so reliable?

Based on the dimensions given or technical documentation provided, we manufacture screws of any shape. Having many years of experience, we can offer professional advice on how to combine all necessary parameters. We strive to ensure that the screw is adapted to the transported material in terms of size and variant.

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